Because of the anticipated extreme heat this weekend, a decision was made well in advance to split the Equestrian Champions competition into a morning session and an evening session, with the evening session expected to start at 8 pm.

The morning session was a challenge course, in the style known as Gambler’s Choice.  In this type of competition, riders are presented with a variety of obstacles or games, which can give them varying numbers of points.  Each rider is allowed to assemble a course which they hope will complement their skills and the best qualities of their horse while also maximizing the number of points they will be awarded for completing it successfully.

This morning saw 24 riders competing at the challenge course, which really showcases the depth of the East Kingdom Equestrian activity.  In its early years an event with 5 riders was considered well attended.

At the end of the challenge course, the top four competitors are:

  • Duchess Kiena Stewart riding Brady
  • Mistress Doucette de Verdun riding Baby War Pony
  • Master Duncan Kerr riding Brandy
  • Duke Randal of the Dark riding Jubal

Note that this is not a final 4 – all riders will continue to compete in the Skills tests which will take place this evening, after the heat of the day has passed.  At the end of that portion of competition, finalists will be determined, and the eventual Champions selected.  Anyone can still win it!