Voice heralds of the East!

Heed the call of His Grace Duke Gregor von Heisler! Your voice is requested to instill pageantry and splendor to the Grand Tournament field at the East Kingdom 50 year celebration event. Let your voice be heard above the fray, beckoning those gathered to draw near and witness the mighty deeds of the armored fighters of our fair and noble realm. Do not miss this opportunity to use your talents and lend gravitas to the this historic occasion. This call goes out to all that would answer, even if you are new to vocal heralding this is a great chance to learn.

Heralds are needed for the Grand Tournament at EK 50 and requested for the 3 other armored combat tourneys, please see the schedule below for times and location.


If interested please reach out to troubadour@eastkingdom.org

Thank you!

In service,

Lucien de Wyntere

EK Troubadour Herald