For the first round, two archers face off to shoot at Tetris pieces mounted on a rail.  Archers race to knock their four pieces off the rail, then put a final arrow in a central target.  The archer who completes first moves on to the next round of competition.

Archery targets at Kings and Queens Archery Champions
Photo provided by Antonio Patrasso

First match to Rupert.  Delay to reinforce the backstop – Rupert’s bolts were going straight through the net, and the fence behind.

Action resumes.

Second match to Dorian.

Third match to Godric.

Fourth match to Ryan.

Fifth match to Colin.

Sixth match to Edmund.

Seventh match to Chinua.

Eighth match to Shitian.

The Gazette thanks Master Antonio Patrasso and Mistress Ygraine Kellswood for their help in reporting, however all errors are the fault of the Gazette.