From the Editor of Tournaments Illuminated:

Our upcoming Quest article is “Summer Reading” with Guest Editor Kirsten O’Brien | Rekon of Saaremaa. Ah, summer … when folks wearing swimsuits, t-shirts and shorts head out to the pool, the river, the lake or the seashore, with a book in a bag. Summer … when SCA folks wearing long sleeves, multiple layers and armor head out to the war, the list field, the arts pavilion or the guild meeting — with a book, or two, in a bag. What SCA-friendly books are you reading this summer? History, biography, archaeology, arts and sciences? Speculative fiction? Medieval or Renaissance fantasy? A much-read ‘old friend’, or an exciting new acquisition? Here is your opportunity to tell the Knowne World what you’re reading, and why they should be, too. Share your summer reading list and recommendations of 200-300 words with tieditor@sca.org by May 24, and they may be included in the Third Quarter 2018 edition of Tournaments Illuminated.

Submission of any work to TI constitutes permission to publish said work without compensation in any form, including but not limited to electronically on a publicly accessible webpage. The author retains all original copyrights to the submission.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Baniarla CiarLasse MacGregor, TI Liaison