Unto the Populace of the great East Kingdom does the Chancellor of the
Exchequer send greetings.

At the October 2015 Board Meeting the Board of Directors expressed a desire
to provide the Kingdoms with the ability to use PayPal as a replacement to
the prior online event reservation tool.

If the East is to use PayPal, the only approved event reservation option,
then there will need to be a PayPal deputy.  I am looking for persons that
have an interest in filling this new position.  This position will take time
to get all the pieces needed in place, so the sooner people apply, the
sooner the Kingdom will be able to get this in place.

All person interested in the position should send a letter of interest or a
resume to  exchequer@eastkingdom.org  the words ‘PayPal deputy’
should be included someplace in the subject line.

In Service,
Maestra Ignacia la Ciega,
East Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer