“Unto the Seneschal/es, Event Stewards and Populace of the Laurel Kingdom of the East, from your servant Alayne, East Kingdom Accessibility Porter, greetings and warm wishes for good health!

Good Gentles,

You will see a small but vital change to the online event listing form. It will now be including a box which will ask “Check this box if the site is accessible per the Kingdom Accessibility Porter’s checklist.”

Be not afraid! This is not a dire question, nor should it bring fear into the hearts of those who labor long to find event sites. This is a simple step in a thought process. It asks, “if someone contacts you about any of the many accessibility issues which many of your fellow SCAdians deal with on a daily basis, will you have an answer?”

This box indicates that you are prepared to respond to an inquiry as to whether or not someone will be safe and comfortable in dealing with a disability at your event. Sometimes, sadly, that answer will be “no.” Other times, it will be “yes.” This box prevents your reply from being, “huh?”

Accessibility issues, and the office of the Porter are not a barricade to utilizing event sites, but rather a spring board for dialogue between event staff and event attendees. It will help the special needs community make their best choices as to which events they attend, just as we all have always made our best informed choices as to which events we attend.

The day of the event is the busiest time for both Event Steward and Hosting Group; the dialogue regarding site Accessibility should be completed before this time. The new box will help to prevent back up at the Gate from an attendee asking a question which would have best been asked prior to arrival, of a volunteer who might have no concept of how to answer. It will save time and in many cases temper.

The Office of the Accessibility Porter (or more simply: Porter) is ready to assist in the ongoing needs of both event personnel and the general populace, as well as our specific demographic in creating a culture of inclusion.

Should you have questions, my Deputies and I are here to assist you.

In service,
Alayne ”
Brièvement, En français par Mistess Bess:

Lorsque vous ajoutez votre événement pour l’inclusion sur le site Web du Royaume, vous verrez une nouvelle section qui vous demande si votre lieu de l’événement est accessible aux personnes handicapées.

Il s’agit d’aider vos invités savent avance ce qu’ils peuvent s’attendre à votre événement pour l’accessibilité avant leur arrivée.

Pour plus d’informations sur comment vous pouvez faire votre événement mieux pour les personnes handicapées, veuillez communiquer avec le portier de l’accessibilité de Royaume,