badge WebministerGreetings to all from the keeper of the East Kingdom Calendar!

This is to let everyone know that it is now possible to load the Calendar of Events in to your personal Calendar!

No, I don’t mean using a quill and ink well to carefully copy each posting on to your copy of the Beasts of the East calendar, I mean Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook.  Probably others, too, but those are all I’ve got to test with.

Go take a look at and follow the instructions.  In the future, when you can’t find this post any more, all you need to remember is that it’s on the Events menu on every page of the East Kingdom website!

Filters will come in future revisions.  At the moment, you get everything posted that hasn’t already happened.

Of course, if you want to copy the Events on to your copy of Beasts of the East, don’t let me stop you.

In service,
Joel of Vestfell
Keeper of the Calendar